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Stop and Recall API

Version 5.0 Live

The Stop and Recall (SRP) APIs allow the rapid halting of payments that are suspected to have been made in error or in a fraudulent manner. The SRP request is used to stop and recall a transaction which is still in progress (where the funds have not yet been credited to the beneficiary account), or to request the recall of funds that were already credited to the beneficiary. The customer will return the funds in accordance with existing market practices.

To request the cancellation of a transaction, the requesting agent makes an API call to the gpi Tracker. The inflight transaction for which the requestor triggered a stop and recall will be stopped via the network, preventing any further processing of the payment. The gpi Tracker will also route the stop and recall request to the intermediary financial institution handling the payment at that moment. After stopping the payment, the institution can re-route the funds back to the payment originator before it is too late. The API call must be formatted in accordance with the Rulebook.

The Stop and Recall APIs include the below methods which enable:

  • SRP assigner to initiate a stop and recall (Cancel Transaction PUT API)

  • SRP assignee to respond to a stop and recall (Transaction Cancellation Status PUT API)

  • SRP users can then retrieve the status of their stop and recall requests via theTransaction Details APIs (Get Payment Transaction Details API / Get Changed Payment Transactions API)


gpi Stop and Recall Overview


Additional documentation can be found on the SWIFT Knowledge Center.


Supported Developer Toolkit


This API will be supported by SWIFT SDK and SWIFT Microgateway.




Q1 2022

  • Universal Case Management – Allow non-gpi BICs to subscribe to the Case Management service (embedding SRP and CASE capabilities)

  • Allow gpi users to initiate and respond to stop and recall requests on Financial Institution Transfers

Q2 2022

  • Push Notifications


Ordering and Provisioning


Become a gpi member and subscribe to the gpi Customer Credit Transfer (gCCT) service to start using the stop and recall APIs. Order now.

Note that as from next year, non-gpi institutions will also be able to subscribe to the Stop and recall service (cfr Universal Case Management initiative).

Developer Reference

Ready to take the API for a spin?

Use the developer references such as the OpenAPI specification, SDK and postman collection to get you started!

View SRP Reference

View Transaction Details Reference


Understanding the business rules are necessary when integrating with this API, be sure to reference the SRP rulebook.

View Rulebook

Please note that a newer version of the Stop and Recall Rulebook will be published in Q3 2021.


gpi API release policy and versioning strategy respect a consistent and comprehensive policy.

View gpi Release Policy & Versioning