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STEP2 Continuous Gross Settlement API

Version 1.0 Pilot


STEP2 SEPA Continuous Gross Settlement (CGS) Participants can integrate the functionality available in this API into their own existing solutions to manage their configuration within the STEP2 CGS and perform their daily operational tasks. Only STEP2 Participants who have opted to use the CGS mechanism can interact and enter inquiries or commands according to their user profile. The API Interface allows communication with the CGS by means of sending an API Request to and receiving an API Response back from the STEP2 Central System. The response to the request is always synchronous.


Pre-validation Key Benefits


STEP2 Participants can use the API functionality on the SWIFT API gateway, which transmits API requests and responses to and from the STEP2 Central System.

Guidelines for provisioning and access can be found in the Network Interfaces documentation available on the EBA CLEARING Customer Portal:

EBACL - Documentation - STEP2 SCT  · Customer Self-Service (

EBACL - Documentation - STEP2 SDD CORE  · Customer Self-Service (

EBACL - Documentation - STEP2 SDD B2B  · Customer Self-Service (

Users who do not have access to the Customer Portal can request access by contacting their EBA CLEARING Administrator.


API Features



List all files received from the STEP2 Central System and request a redistribution.



Receive reports linked to liquidity position and transactions from the STEP2 Central System.



Manage your liquidity in the CGS module and check your current liquidity position.



Manage your configuration in the STEP2 Central System.

Developer Reference

Ready to take the API for a spin?

Use the developer references such as the OpenAPI specification, SDK and Postman collection to get started!

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